Direct Access

Direct access means that someone can arrive to our clinic without the referral of an outside physician. Because a patient can bypass this step, they are more likely to be seen quicker than they would otherwise in a physician’s office. In addition, they will receive a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam resulting in a correct diagnosis. If the diagnosis expands outside of the expertise of the treating physical therapist, we will refer the patient to the appropriate physician or clinic.

What This Means For You

The direct access option prevents delays in the provision of physical therapists’ services to individuals who would benefit from treatment by a physical therapist.  Delays in care result in higher costs, decreased functional outcomes, and frustration to patients seeking physical therapy treatment. Eliminating arbitrary barriers results in timely, more effective care.  The staff at Milowicki Physical Therapy are all qualified to deliver services independent of a referral and have received extensive education and clinical training in the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention of patients with functional limitations, impairments and disabilities. When necessary, our referral base of physicians and specialists is a comprehensive listing of the most qualified and respected medical professionals in southwestern Pennsylvania. We will find the right doctor for you.

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