LSVT BIG® Treatment

The physical therapists at Milowicki Physical Therapy are certified to treat patients with Parkinson’s Disease utilizing LSVT BIG® treatment, which is gaining popularity in the Pittsburgh area as a way to manage the progression of those with Parkinson’s Disease. The principles of LSVT BIG® promote using increased amplitude of limb and body movement to improve the speed of motion of their limbs, as well as their balance and overall quality of life.

Parkinson’s Disease, a nervous system disorder that affects a person’s movement, causes slowed movement and muscle stiffness, as well as tell-tale tremors and impaired balance. Although there is no cure, a combination of medication, physical therapy, and LSVT BIG treatment® with a certified physical therapist can help to increase muscle strength and balance.

A Pittsburgh Certified LSVT BIG® Program

Cliff Milowicki is one of the few certified LSVT BIG® clinicians in the Pittsburgh area. As primarily an amplitude-based exercise intervention program, LSVT BIG® dovetails with Milowicki Physical Therapy’s mission of “Exercise as Medicine.” The treatment is high-effort and intense, and consists of 16 sessions over 30 days, with four hour-long sessions performed every week. It requires repetition of big movements that can be carried over into everyday life. The targeted and corrective exercises and whole-body movements change how patients control and management function and movements.

With a LSVT BIG® program of practice, repetition, and feedback, patients will begin to see changes and improvements as they go about their daily activities. After the program is done, patients will continue to exercise daily at home, and will return to Milowicki Physical Therapy within nine months to ensure that they are making progress.

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