Physical Therapy

Many people believe that physical therapy treatment is the same regardless of the PT office you use, but nothing could be further from the truth. Milowicki Physical Therapy approaches your treatment differently, since our course of action is centered around “exercise as medicine.” That means that our treatment standards rely on strengthening your body through a custom program that uses movement to revitalize your health as you rebuild your body. It’s this distinction that makes our treatment so effective.

Milowicki Physical Therapy offers:

  • post-injury rehabilitation services
  • pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation services
  • post-hospitalization rehabilitation services
  • post-disease / condition rehabilitation services

Our patient base encompasses all ages and abilities, including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

Outside of Cecil Office

Physical Therapy Services for 60+

Older populations are becoming more active and have more opportunities to engage in physical activity. As surgical techniques become more effective and post-surgical outcomes improve, the baby boomer population (and beyond) can spend more of their lives enjoying activities that encourage movement.

After our patients have procedures such as knee or hip replacements, Milowicki Physical Therapy can train their bodies to be stronger and healthier—without the pain that had dogged them for years. Proper post-surgical care is the key to successful rehabilitation. Our physical therapists believe that the period following your surgery is crucial to maintain your range of motion and rebuild your strength, no matter your age.

Improving Quality of Life through PT Services

We work with all athletes—professional, amateur, and “weekend warriors”—who are seeking PT services as they undergo rehabilitation to improve function and mobility that has been lost as a result of sports-related injuries. We address both chronic and acute movement problems through a targeted exercise regimen that will allow you to heal while regaining stamina.

Milowicki Physical Therapy also welcomes those who are seeking rehabilitative care after undergoing treatment following a cancer diagnoses or receiving care for other serious medical issues. Physical therapy is a critical part of a patient’s journey to regain the function they’ve lost through a combination of exercises that will increase strength, lessen fatigue, and reduce pain. Our PT facility is a safe place to get yourself back into shape as you work towards recapturing “you.”

The physical therapy services you receive following an injury, surgery or other diagnoses will determine how well you get move and how long you’ll remain active in the future. Call or contact Milowicki Physical Therapy today to learn more about our approach to therapeutic and rehabilitative PT.