Sports Medicine

Like millions of others, you may be experiencing discomfort or pain that’s caused by activity or sports participation. Milowicki Physical Therapy will guide you through the necessary steps to determine why you are in pain and then train you to get better through a program of movement and activity. We believe that “exercise is medicine” and that our approach to sports medicine lies in proper movement and training, rather than surgery or other forms of medical intervention.

Sports Medicine Room with Cliff Milowicki

Identifying the Causes of Pain

You may be experiencing pain due to injury, improper conditioning, repetitive movement, or an existing health issue such as arthritis or joint degeneration. Our physical therapists will evaluate you, talk to you about your fitness regimen, and identify why you are in pain. If your pain can be alleviated through physical therapy (which is often the case for common injuries, such as Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis), we’ll develop a customized program that will allow you to heal and then rebuild. In many cases, you will be able to avoid surgery and actually improve upon your performance and training using the innovative techniques that we teach you.

Partnering with Physicians

We know that some injuries require surgery or other forms of medical intervention. If we feel that there is a problem that requires possible surgery, then we will steer you towards a surgeon. Milowicki Physical Therapy has established a partnership with physicians and specialists around the greater Pittsburgh area if your care should involve medical testing, hospitalization, or surgery. We’ve developed great relationships with doctors, specialists, and surgeons in the Pittsburgh area who are familiar with our “exercise is our medicine” credo. If your activity- or sports-related injury can be treated at Milowicki Physical Therapy, we are happy to help you regain your flexibility and stamina. If we feel that you should receive medical services, we can help you find the appropriate professional.

If you’re suffering from pain caused by a sports injury—new or old—call Milowicki Physical Therapy.